Wilson Sasha DAW vs. Sabrina X

I'm helping out my cousin, who has Sabrina X's and Loke subwoofers in an 11x17 room.  His dealer is offering him a good trade-in value to upgrade to Sasha DAW's.  Soliciting experienced opinions on the choice b/t these two speakers, particularly considering:

1) The size of the room and the fact that he already has subwoofers

2) The efficiency of the Sasha (91db) vs. the Sabrina (87db).  Impedance specs are about the same (4 ohm nominal, 2.5 minimum)

Right now he is running them with VTL EL-34 monoblocks, but with the higher efficiency Sasha's, that could change.

Thoughts?  Thanks, Peter

PS - note that I'm not talking about the new Sasha V's - these would be the Sasha DAW's.


Wilson is a quality speaker manufacturer and has a house sound. I expect there to be a difference - I can’t say if it would be worth the money. And I’d be willing to listen and find out. 

Is he running the subs under the mains or using the Lokes internal highpass? If he is highpassing at or above 60hz I would pass and save the money. 

the Sasha are a lot more dynamic but once highpassed the dynamics of the Sabrina should be greatly increased. Larger speakers are almost always better but subs used correctly make such a difference it might not matter. 

the Sabrina’s measurements show cone break up in the mids, or a least a very strong peak at 3k off axis. Oddly people don’t seem to complain about it though.