Winamp with ASIO Plugin

I found exacting instructions online regarding how to add the ASIO plugin to Winamp in order to bypass K-Mixer. After following them to the letter and even matching pictures showing correct settings I did not perceive much if any improvement.

The instructions indicated that if installed properly my K-Mixer volume should no longer function. I obtained the opposite result, my Winamp volume would no longer function.

Any suggestions ? Thanks
I ran into the same problem. Since then I've been using Foobar. It's not as pretty, but it's less of a resource hog and does what it's supposed to do without any problems.
I believe when properly installed NEITHER the Windows K-mixer nor Winamp volume control will function. Works for me that way. Volume is controlled via preamp.
Accompanying is a link to the instructions I followed. Specifically Bild 1, 2, and 3.
i tried the asio and winamp last week. The sound is muffled and crackly. Dont get it. I guess i can try foobar but it just looks a bit techie for this old school kinda cpu guy