Wireless Router - Noise Culprit

I recently migrated all my gear onto a new Symposium rack (which I love btw). In doing so I also moved my router and cable modem into close proximity of the rack (it used to be about 8 feet from the rest of my gear).  I quickly noticed a really obnoxious "motorboating" noise when using my phono stage if volume was turned up high but stylus not cued yet on the record. Initially I had no idea what was causing the pulsing sound and I feared it was a power supply, tube, or electronics issue in my amp or preamp.  By dumb luck while checking connections I incidentally moved the ethernet cable and noticed the pulsing fade and come back depending on how I moved it.  I moved the router and cable modem back about 8 feet away from the rack and the problem has completely resolved.

This makes me think about the kind of digital/electrical noise we may be unwittingly introducing into our systems.  Anyone else noticing problems like this?  I really thought I had a major issue on my hands and was relieved how simple the fix was. 
You are not at all the first to note these issues, either induced through signal cables or the power lines.

This is why I try to use shielded cables (signal and power) and dirty/clean power zones wherever possible.

I'm curious, are your phono cables shielded?


Yes, the phono cables are shielded. I'm wondering if there is noise interaction that occurs with the cart?

Possibly. I mean, the only way to tell is to attach a soup can to ground and
see if covering your cartridgegets quieter! :)

@lowrider57 - SMPS can be awful. Especially true of laptops, and PCs but any really. That's why I recommend putting them outside of your "clean zone."

More here:

with network stuff, you have the switched mode power supply (SMPS), the Wifi plus the computers emitting noise all around on every conceivable medium. Usually we don't think about using shielded Ethernet cables, but they do exist and may limit how much they emit.

Never mind about the shielded Ethernet cables. Apparently they only work with specialty hardware.
I suppose it's also an argument for using wireless connections instead of ethernet cable to your streamer.  
Well, not really, since the Wifi radiates noise too, and I’ve read of users complaining about that until it got solved too. Just keep your ethernet wiring far from your audio IC’s, especially anything coming from a turntable or step up cartridge since those are super super noise sensitive.

In my apartment I can’t hear any noise, but the Wifi congestion is fierce so I’d suffer from dropped packets and stuttering if I did that, but then I don't have a record player either. :)