wireless/USB audio to receiver

If you're in the market for a receiver and/or PC-based audio, one option to consider is the new Denon receivers (4308 and 5308). I just got the 4308. It plays music files from your PC/MAC via wireless or USB. FLAC, WMA, MP3 files play wirelessly or via USB. WAV must be non-copyrighted (no ripped CDs - crazy!!). No need for cables or converters. Sure, it's no Meitner, but it's no slouch and quite nice if you're just listening to MP3s, flac, or internet radio.
How is the user interface? That is what makes Sonos so appealing. If it's well thought out these make sense.
It's not as sophisticated as itunes or jriver, etc. But provides a nice straightforward interface. Appears on your TV and is easy to navigate using the remote control. Shows cover art, search by genre, favorites, etc. I haven't seen Sonos.
That's cool - I've been wondering how long it would take for the hardware manufacturers to start making gear that is computer / network "aware". It seems like it has really hit stride in 2007. I owned a Denon receiver in the past, and it's very nice gear for its design, and this is a great addition to the functionality.

Now we need a manufacturer to figure out how to go buy a j river or media monkey interface.
"must be non-copyrighted (no ripped CDs - crazy!!)."

If I might ask, who has non-copyrighted music and how does the player know if the music has been copyrighted? I believe all music, whether registered with the government as a copyrighted piece or not, is copyrighted by the creator.

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Chris, right - one has a copyright in their original work of authorship, regardless of whether they register. The receiver checks DRM for ripped song. Music downloaded from pay sites and CDs ripped to WMA format will have DRM. The manual mentions WMA, but doesn't specifically mention whether CDs ripped to WAV will have a problem. So, ripped WAV files may be OK after all. Haven't tried it yet.
WAV files don't have anyway to tag DRM on them so ripping CD's to wav should be fine.... WMA is ripe with DRM, just like Apples formats...
Uncompressed WAVs from ripped CDs work fine, I tried it this morning. Cool... Sorry about the misinformation, the manual is misleading.
A manual misleading? No way :-) It has probably been translated backward and forward a few times as well.

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