wiring a 3 channel system .. help

currently have sota TT run thru tandberg 3002a just for the phono stage then to meridian 562 and 565, then to carver av 505, out to dynaudio contour t2.5 and a Linn 5120 center. also have a rega planet cd. I know its not best match but sounds good and I'd like to upgrade and think the carver is the weak spot, any suggestions on where best place to start? I've got a chance to buy a Perreaux sa3 at good price to replace tandberg for phono. If I were to go to mono blocks, how do I wire out of the 565? Not many 3 channel amp options and why pay for 5 channels? I'm very happy with dyanaudios, and would like to eventually add the center but not quite ready to put out the 2-3 grand for dynaudio centers. When would you suggest biting the bullet on the center? I mean where to improve before going with the dynaudio center. I also have a goldring elite cartridge which is way too much quality for the moonbeam. Anyway, its kind of a mess, but I think its got potential to work into something really fine with some help from kind people who've got a better grasp on this stuff. Thanks to all who may take the time.
Left channel preout goes to left mono, right channel preout goes to right mono. If you keep the center...center preout goes to one channel of the carver. Hope this is what your asking?...I may be confused as to your question though?

And of course, each speaker connects to it's own amp channel....Left/mono, right/mono, center/carver.