Worst or Best Excuses!

Why do 'Men' feel the need to use an excuse to justify audio/video purchase or even low ball your gear? IMHO, you don't have to make any excuses to pursue your passion and love for the music. 

The one excuse I hear a lot,  That's the best I can do without risking divorce.

Happy Listening! 
The last time I had friends over for a listening session she over herd a conversation, but not the full story about a new mono block amps I bought a couple weeks before. That conversation cost me a $1045.66 Lois Viton handbag. Thats no joke. But I was happy to lay it out. I had no idea that a handbag could cost so much. I am sure she said the same about my amps.
My wife told me that if I bought one more piece of audio equipment she'd leave me.   I kinda miss her sometimes.