Paul Hynes Excuses to deliver the power supply SR7 , I Lost my money

I have paid £3180 to Paul 8 month ago.

He did not deliver my order and i asked him to refund my money but he told me he couldn’t refund my money .

it is shame ...

I saw your post on CA and you received some good answers. If you paid by credit card, then report this transaction.
What about your representative in the UK?
Are you going to start all that whining here too? What's your point? This won't get your money back. You were given suggestions on CA but chose not to follow them. Please don't pollute this forum too.
As long as Paul is in good health, I don't doubt that you will eventually receive your SR7.
His point on this forum just might be useful to others.  I know in the past I have considered contracting a Hynes power supply.  8 months and no supply certainly gives me pause.....  Might make one look into things more before committing funds.
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My recollection is when I looked into his Linear PSU he self disclosed his one/ two person shop had long long wait times AND that he was recovering from surgery as well....
I went with Pardo
we all have choices

I'm sorry this happened to you. Thanks for warning the rest of us.

I totally don’t understand why ? You would order all the way 
to the U.K  when  right here in the US Mojo Audio 
 has wat I consider the best power supply  at $1k beat I have compared Sbooster, Lineartube Audio, a $2yearokd $900 Paul Hynes and a couple custom  ones  many at much more monies.
this new Illiminati-2  Bellison regulated Big toroidal transformer  supplies, choke filter supplied, Mundorf 4 pole input capacitor,
and poly organic caps  and Not a fuse, Thermister based which is far better.and they give you 40 days to prove it 
or money back. I am totally very happy , I may even go Nas drive. 
I am using a Lumin D-1 which with this power supply beats 
lumin best S-1 at 3x the cost .
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@audioman58 , while I agree Lumin D1 can be improved by a better PS ( we have used Sbooster) it’s hard to imagine that it’s performance would exceed the S1 whatever PS you use, we have both here to compare.
The S booster is a total Joke .I tried that ,in fast the LTA power supply is a minimum of 10% better. If you read what the Mojo illiminati-2   supply has in it  add another 15% still
This is almost 13 pounds  of regulation,and filtering 
Far better then the Lumin S-1 power supply . In another league,
If you had over $2k I am sure you could better anything with enough  $$ thrown at it. Never mind being a sceptic. Do like I did Buy it if not up to your expectations after 40 days,very long runin period over 500 hours+ . Just let it play. After 40 days keep it or not .You decide .but for myself and Many others my music has not sounded better.
With all the info of extreme delays of months and months to get anything or money back that have been posted on this website and many others,you be would just nuts to even try any business with Hynes.

The SOtM 500 is spectacular,also the ultrap supplies from uptone,and for higher pwr a modded hd plex is very versatile.

Best of luck to you,
Sorry Kenny, I've compared the SOtM 500 PS to a Hynes SR7EHD powering SOtM and other equipment. The Hynes is worth the wait. 
I waited 8 months for my SR-7.  The wait was much longer than I expected.  It did finally get shipped and it was worth the wait, IMO.

Hi guys

if you remember i told you paul is not trusted and he not refund my money after 6 month.

now Paul have sent me an email and he told me he will refund my money this week.


Good news to me and other who would like to order Paul hynes PSU.

i should say Paul is trusted and if you pay him he will refund your money .



Glad you ultimately had an acceptable outcome but that is a long time for someone to hold your money.
  And what gives with the critics of the OP?  Bad vendors need to be outed, and in as many places as possible
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"If you pay him, he will refund your money" -- what a vouch! I don't think any power supply would be worth the nonsense.