Worst record ever?

I had the misfortune of spotting Sarah Vaughan's "Songs of the Beatles" at my local record store and, intrigued, I bought it since it was only $2. I'm still traumatized a few hours after listening to it; who and why would ever release a record that bad? I love Sarah as a jazz singer but her rendition of the Beatles' songs is absolutely atrocious. I just can't believe someone made a decision to actually release it.
The Shatner/Nimoy things are hilarious - I would add Nimoy's If I Had A Hammer to the others mentioned. They were, of course, done tongue-in-cheek. There is an album out there somewhere called Golden Throats, or something like that, that has I think one hundred tracks of stuff like that. A friend of mine has it, if anyone is curious I can ask him about it.
ELP "Love Beach"
Peter Frampton "I'm in You"
Ringo -- generally any album after say, 1975.
Chicago -- ditto above.
Kiss -- ditto
Elton John -- ditto
I heard a Styx/Jimmy Buffet collaboration that made me run out and buy Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music.
Golden Throats 1,2,3 are on Amazon if you type in Leonard Nimoy it's part way down the page FWIW.

I found Pat Boones "In a Metal Mood" quite interesting.
Barbara Streisand's classical record was very forgetable...even for $1.00 at Good Will. They wouldn't take it back...even as a donation. My bad.