Would a wireless volume knob for home theaters be worth it?

I've been looking around and cannot find any remote control that has a volume knob on it.  Would having a volume knob that can control my home theater volume be better to using volume buttons?  Or would the cost not be worth it?
No, a knob would not be worth it. One of those big handles like in an airplane cockpit, that's the way to go.
I cannot imagine big knob on my remote control, so perhaps either small knob or a slider.  Buttons on my remote have just right authority/speed and anything else would be just strange (unnecessary).  On the other hand I enjoy knob on my DAC/Preamp and I wouldn't like buttons instead.
At the risk of sounding like an advertisement (I'm trying to find out how many people might be interested in this idea) take a look at this, imagine this being your stereo remote control:

For the most part I think manufacturers have licked the issue of speed of change to up/down buttons. That is, they seem to work well enough for me.

@sfseay very interesting, I wasn't aware of this brand.

Is the remote volume knob better than using a traditional button remote?
Much better to me to have the volume knob.  SST Audio was started by James Bongiorno who is a very well respected audio designer and engineer.

The SST Ambrosia 2000 Second Gen preamp is the best purchase I have made in the last five years.  Stellar pre amp.

Background on Mr. Bongiorno:
The Ambrosia 2000 may not look like audio jewelry and some might find it not to their taste but to me it sounds fantastic and represents one man’s passion. 50 pounds of sonic bliss!

Some of James Bongiorno’s early designs and his last achievements were:
  • Hadley Laboratories 622C Power Amplifier, contributing engineer
  • Marantz Model 15 Power Amplifier, contributing engineer
  • Dynaco Stereo 400 Power Amplifier, Designer
  • Dynaco AF-6 AM/FM Tuner, contributing engineer
  • SAE (Scientific Audio Engineering)
    • XXXIB Power Amplifier, Designer
    • IIIC/CM Power Amplifier, Designer
    • IVD/DM Power Amplfier, Designer
    • VIB Stereo Tuner, contributing engineer
    • IC Stereo Preamplifier, contributing engineer
  • GAS (The Great American Sound Co.) Chief Designer
    • Ampzilla Power Amplifier
    • Ampzilla II (World's first servo-controlled power amplifier)
    • Thaedra Preamplifier (World's first (and only) servo controlled preamp)
    • Thoebe Preamplifier
    • Son of Ampzilla Power Amplifier
    • Thalia Preamplifier
    • Grandson Power Amplfier
  • Sleeping Beauty Moving Coil Cartrdges
    • Sumo Electric Co. Ltd. Chief Designer
      • The Power, World's first 450 watt/channel fully balanced Bridge Power Amp
      • The Gold, World's first patented solid state Class A Power Amplifier
      • The Nine, World's first low cost solid state class A power amplifier
      • The Nine+, Ruggedized version
      • Electra Preamplifier
      • Charlie the Tuner, world's first premium low cost stereo tuner (The humor in the name is that US TV advertisements of the 80's had a cartoon tunafish named Charlie selling cans of his relatives . . . and the tuner had quite mixed reviews.)
      • The Half-power, stereo power amplifier
      • Andromeda, world's first low cost solid state class AB Balanced Power Amp
      • The Sumo I, Magnetic Phono Cartridge
      • The Sumo II, Moving coil Phono Cartridge
  • Harman-Kardon, Consultant, completely redesigned the Citation 23 Tuner
  • Crown Radio, Japan, 4 power amps, 2 preamps, a fully equalized (phase & amplitude) 3-way electronic crossover.
  • Spread Spectrum Technologies Inc.. Chief Designer
  • Ampzilla 2000, fully balanced monoblock power amplifier
  • Trinaural Processor
It's a very cool unit, but way out of my price range.
I'm mostly interested in the remote itself, I've never seen a remote like that in any other audio product.  I'm wondering why they aren't more popular.