Would You Rent Cables To Try Before Buyi

What I am asking is, would you pay to rent a cable that you were thinking of buying, so you could try it in your system before committing at your dealer.I know I have purchased cables without hearing them and was diappointed. I could use some feedback. Thank's Dave.
Dave,I don't know where you are bit I have never heard of renting a cable just to take it home to listen to it. Don't you have a local dealer who is willing to let you take them home for the week end and listen to them. I've done that w/ speakers? If he does not trust you put them on your credit card w/ the understanding that you don't return them in a certain amount of time then the card gets charged. There are mail order dealers that give you 30 to 45 days to try the cables and if you do not like them you send them back. Only thing you get stuck for is shipping,but I think it's well worth it. Good Luck!
As previously posted ,The Cable Company is a good way to go.This will allow for comparison of 2 or more cables at once,in your system.This is a tough act to follow and will reassure that you are totally satisfied with your choice.They also are knowledgeable and will help you choose the best possibilities for your system,taste and budget. There are a handful of cable companies that will offer a 30 day refund if noy satisfied.Burn these babies in around the clock using very low fm hiss(white noise) or ocean waves on repeat mode.Listen regular in between,and if you are not in audio heaven near the end of 3 weeks,contact them and ship cables by end of 3 weeks the latest.Read all of the reviews at www.audio review.com .Another way to audition is by getting an exceptional deal on used cables .If you are not happy,you will get,most ,all or make money on your net resell.