Wyetech Opal Tube Rolling

Has anyone done any tube-rolling with the 6SN7's in this pre? Curious about your experiences. Thanks.

Not that fancy piece but I roll N7s alot. What version of 6SN7 is stansard or recommended (not that you cannot sub a GTA for a GT or a VT231 for a GT etc.) More importantly is it in the driver position or is it an output tube for gain.
What are you trying to achieve? Is too mellow/colored thus want you want bright, clear and extended sound or do you want a more laid back, musical, detailed presentation or do you need more sundstage etc. If it is driver only you will need a fast strong tube as a rule. If you're serious be very specific, What are you using now?
I can make some suggestions if you are specific about what the Opal seems to lack. -Steve
P.S. How much is the budget range generally $40-400 a pair.
This is a good site to visit for opinions on the 6SN7 family: (http://home.att.net/~chimeraone/6sn7sound.html) I'm using the TungSol 6SN7GT, round plate, bottom getter, 1940's, NOS as drivers and the Sylvania 6SN7W, tall bottle, 1940's, NOS as phase splitters(in a pair of modified Cary SLM-100s). I've been listening to live music(amplified and acoustic)at least twice a week, for the last 30yrs(as a sound tech). That's my reference(not personal taste, or what I THINK music is supposed to sound like). The TungSol/Sylvania combo renders a very accurate/uncolored/extended/open presentation(NO euphonics at all). The Ken-Rad 6SN7GT/VT-231 sounds identical to the TungSol, but lacks a few feet of soundstage depth. A pair of closely matched/strong, NOS TungSols or Sylvanias will run you around $250.00 to $325.00 on eBay. The Ken-Rads are considerably less expensive. Bottom getter, 1940's, VT-231 Sylvanias sound excellent(again- very accurate/uncolored) with the Ken-Rads. Just not quite as open/extended/detailed as the 6SN7Ws(a less expensive option). Of course: if you have a bright system- that might be attractive.
Oh, BTW: I tried both the RCAs and Raytheons mentioned at the top of the heap. They had too much microphonic/euphonic flavor(ala Mullard, Brimar sugar coating). I didn't listen to them long enough to determine their soundstaging, etc. They both sounded nice(and less expensive than the TungSols/Sylvanias)- Just not real!!
Hi Guys,

Sorry for the delayed expressions of appreciation for your input. I have done a bit more homework. The tubes I am considering rolling are 4 6SN7 WGTA's in the separate control unit, not the power supply. I do not know the significance of the WGTA suffix as opposed to the myriad of other 6SN7's or whether the suffix determines the range of substitutes.

The OPAL is super fast, with huge bandwith and a tendency to the cool, highly transparent side, unusual for a tube pre. I am very happy with it as is, but would like to see if I could get a BIT more warmth and body, without losing too much of the speed and transparency. It is coupled with a Krell FPB 300cx and von Schweikert VR5 HSE's, and sometimes there is a bit too much transparency, if there is such a thing. I know there are always tradeoffs.

With that in mind, I would be willing to spend up to $100/tube and would apprecate any specific recommendations you have and what changes I would likely hear. Also, if you could suggest reliable and knowledgeable tube vendors, that would be helpful.

Many thanks from a newbie tube roller.

As stated: the WGTAs can be replaced by GTs/VT-231s/Ws without fear of mis-match. The on-line/mail-order tube vendors that I researched generally are sold out of the tubes that I've recommended, or- VERY proud of them. Upscale Audio has Ken-Rad at a reasonable price(and he tests his tubes for noise-VERY important in a pre-amp). I've had good experiences with purchasing tubes on eBay. Just stick with the sellers that have high feedback ratings, and list the test results for both sections of the tube. If you are trying to warm things up: Check with Kevin at Upscale, and see if he's got any NOS Brimars or Mullards in a 6SN7. He's got a keen ear, and can tell you what tubes will give you the sound you're trying to achieve. Did you look at the tube comparison site that I included earlier?
Thanks, Rodman. Very illuminating. And yes, I did look at the site you mentioned, which was very informative. I just find all the numbers, letters and brands somewhat dizzying.

Don't let the dizziness disuade you from pursuing a set of NOS tubes. They are well worth the effort in terms of musicality. If my goal were to warm up my system: I'd try pairing the TungSol 6SN7GT/VT-231,bottom getter, black round plate from the 40's(not the ones with the mouse ears either) with either Raytheon VT-231s or the RCA VT-231s(military tubes from the 40's) mentioned at the top of the comparison list. Like I said: I tried them. They were too warm for my tastes(or perhaps my system). You may very well find them perfect for you. Paired with the TungSols, you'll still have the benefit of the expanded/deeper soundstage, and their accuracy.