Wyred4sound dac-2 dsdse upgrade worth it

Contemplating doing the dsdse upgrade and would like to hear some opinions or differences from other folks who have done this before I take the plunge. I bought a V-Link192 and thought this was a pretty big improvement already from the Wyred USB input. So very interested to hear from some folks who were already using an external convertor before the upgrade and was there a further improvement. Thanks.
I don't know if you saw it, but the online blog audiostream just did a report on Dac-2 dsde and LOVED it. I am using a Wyred Dac-1 and V-Link192 and I love the way it sounds. I have a dedicated laptop for the setup. In my case, I would have to sell my dac and buy the better one because they don't make the upgrade for the Dac-1. I don't feel the big expense that I would incur is worth it.
I had the original dac2 and had them upgrade it to the dac2 dsd. This was a nice upgrade to an already good sounding dac. The upgrade gives me dsd and 32/384 capability. I would bet the upgrade to SE would be an even better upgrade.