Xindak SACD died

My Xindak SACD 2 has just died.

Anyone know of a good and fast repair facility?

Thank you, Barrie
Company Name: SJOFN HI-FI
Company Address: 1020 EAST JOHN STREET, SUITE 101 SEATTLE, WA 98102
Tel:206-720-4702 SEARCH:[Bertrand Distributing ]is on the East Coast,The Former Xindak Distributer.He can put you in Touch with Joe his Tech for repair.I have a contact at the Xindak Factory for parts.I needed a Transport Rubber belt and they sent me a couple for free.What is wrong with yours?Powering up?Or?If belt is slipping it won't read disc's etc. My E Mail is Regards,JD
Anyone in Ontario, Canada service these? I was looking at buying a used one but when I tried it out it had a small glitch. who repairs these?
Why don't you try Parts Conexion (or however you spell it) - they seem to have a lot of experience with Chinese audio products.