Xindak SCD-2 Tube SACD player advice.

I searched Audiogon and AA and only found a couple of people who own this CD player. If you own one can you check in and post your thoughts, likes/dislikes, any problems with this unit. I'm thinking about buying one but there is not a lot of background.

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I guess I am a Beta tester for the Xindak.It worked out great for me and I'm very happy having a Tubed output CD/SACD player with no op amps in the output circuit for under $1700 total including all shipping charges and minor mods that competes with many and bests many also in the 4K range on CD and SACD.Sometimes you do research and take a chance and it works out.I would put my player up against ANY stock Sony,including modded 9000es within reason[1K or so range worth of mods],Shanling's.They are all infested with op amps.Even the highest quality op amps are still cheap op amps.Do a search here and AA for more of my comments on this player.I'm not a Stereophile/Musical Fidelity or TAS reviewer but I know what I hear.Maybe more interest will be shown when a major Zine or Net site will do a review of the Xindak.Most folks here and at AA would rather get their info from users/owners than so called professional reviewers.My decision was based partly on this.Do I want to spend $1700 in additional mods on a DVD or SACD player or have the whole machine already done for the same $$.Xindak has a service center in the USA if needed.I will say this,My Xindak at the price point can't be beat on SACD or CD's.If this were made in the USA it would probably have to sell in the 4K range or more.My amateur excited owner POV.Impressed Dan Wright @,ask him.Mine was his 1st.Xindak Beta Tester,JD
Thank you Tvad, based on what info I did find and what was sent to me privatly, being mostly positive with no horor stories, I think I will try this player. There is product support for players bought from authorized dealers.
Thank you JD, when I get burned in I'll have to post an amature review. I'm going to run mine unmodded with upgraded tubes for a while.

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I just bought a Xindak SCD-2 also, and love it. I only paid $800 (includes $ mods) for a brand new unit with a M-cap Oil/Silver coupling cap upgrade ( I replaced the stock feet with Vibrapods, Converted it to 110v AC, lined the inside of the chassis cover with dampening material, and lastly I replaced the tubes with some NOS Tesla's. The sound I am getting is angelic. I sit and laugh when I listen to my system because I know that there are poor brainwashed slobs out there that have paid thousands more to get near the sound I am getting. I would also put my Xindak SCD-2 up against ANY other stock player in the $4K-5K range without hesitation.
NOTE: The initial units did have a firmware issue that has since been cleared up. All SCD-1/2's coming out of the factory have new firmware...My unit tracks flawlessly...

Thanks Xindak, for proving that paying out the A$$ is not a prerequisite for quality...

"Those who fear to take chances, truly miss out on what life is all about"...
I recently auditioned the Xindak scd2 with improved power cord and NOS tubes. It is a very good player. In direct comparison to my Cary 306/200, in the same system configuration, the Cary won out against sacd's and cd's each and every time. The Xindak on the used market is still an incredible value.