XLO IC - Signature

Can anybody talk about experiences with the XLO Signature 2.1(balanced)? I maybe would use it between a WADIA 27ix and REVEL LE-1 (crossover/bass amp) and between the LE-1 and the McIntosh MC 2000 tube amp.
iused the XLO Signature 1.1 for quite some time. It was an excellent interconnect. Very neutral, detailed with terrific dynamics, speed and wallop in the lower bass. Because of its neutrality in the mid-bass, it can sound bass shy or lean in some systems.
Presumably, the XLR version has the same characteristics as the unbalanced version. Highly recommended.
The XLO 2.1 is an excellent IC. It improves a lot compared to the 1.1. I would suggest you to use it together with a couple of other Signature cables (e.g. 4.1B, 5.1) within the audio chain to bring out the best of XLO.

I used all these together with the Illuminati Orchid and I don't borther to try other cables since then. I won't make another move until they come out with the MK2 version. The Limited series is just way too expansive.