XLR I/C's for Hegel H20 amp-P20 preamp-VEGA DAC

I hope this is the right forum to ask for anyone who can suggest for balanced interconnects.

I am using two pair of 80 usd a pair of Canare from HAVE INC. of balanced interconnects to connect my system. DAC-Preamp-Amp

It sounds very good, but with some music it gets a bit metallic and noisy and i am trying to achieve the best possible performance from my reference system, so i am considering something that helps the system to become richer, maybe a little warm and take out the annoyances of metallic and harshness.

I read somewhere around here that Hegel sounds best with MIT XLR balanced, the people from Hegel told me they have great results with Nordost Blue Heaven and they claim that HEGEL gear does not need expensive cables BUT they should always be balanced to sound its best.

Other brands that are intriguing for me and represent certain Value:

WyWires Blue
Nordost Blue Heaven LS XLR
Audio Art Se XLR
Dynamique Audio SHADOW

Please any suggestions, specially if anyone owns Hegel gear, would be so much of help!

Best Regards to all

Hi all,

I'm reviving this post because I'm in the same boat... about to get a Hegel power amp and DAC (also Hegel) and want to go balanced between them (the DAC has volume so it will act as a preamp for now). The AV shop where I auditioned had some fancy silver cable and the system sounded great for sure, though I didn't do any cable swapping to try to deduce what that one component in particular was contributing.

Any thoughts on decent balanced cables that will pair well with very revealing/high-res audio gear like the Hegel DAC/amp combo? Cheaper the better naturally, but I'd like to know what folks have found sounds good in their system and go from there.


The  Canare XLR cables you are using or more than good enough.  Don’t go down the cable rabbit hole on XLR cables.  
You might inquire with Hegel if their gear supports the balanced standard (AES file 48). If so, no need for expensive cables!
Wow, after a few years and i found this that i started, well i have to say that cableS DO matter a LOT!! period

i tried a bunch of "audiophiles" brands and i kept "LessLoss" - homage To Time" also 3 DFPC Reference Power cords and 1 Original and just for changing one Original with one Reference between DAC and preamp and the change is quite Big, cables are really a headache at least for meto many permutations once you got more than 3 devices 3 power cords interconnects USB cables and so...this hobby still on progress jeje...i am upgrading to Tellurium XLR Ultra Blacks now, i tried the regular blacks against the Lessloss and although the TQ Blacks were denser and blacker, the LessLoss have more details and liquid sound so i am trying the next TQ level, i will share for those interested