XTC: This Pop

Just watched “XTC: This is Pop” on Showtime and it is highly recommended if you are an XTC fan.  This is a fairly new production, I just found it by accident, so not sure when first broadcast but it is from 2017.  This is Andy Partridge’s take on XTC and how it evolved.  He’s a pretty entertaining guy.  Filled in some blanks for me, and explained why they stopped touring (it was stage fright, I knew that and was widely reported, but why it came to be is the “now it makes sense” moment).  Makes me want to go through the whole catalog (I’ve got it)!
Roberjerman, previous to seeing the documentary I had not heard of that group.  It was given about five minutes, enough to pique my interest.  I will search it out!
excellent documentary.  Very underrated and unappreciated band.  Glad to see them get some attention with this documentary.  They were the Beatles of the 80s.