Yamaha C-4 and Belles Aria help

Hi, I just bought a Belles Aria integrated amp. I have an AVR and wanted to get a dedicated 2-channel amp for listening to albums. The reviews for this one are pretty stellar. I want to know how Belles owner feel about the phono stage.  I have a recapped Yamaha C-4 that sounds great, but I want to know what others think of the onboard stage in the Belles.  I could potentially sell the Yamaha to help defray the cost of the Belles, but would like to hear some opinions, especially from people who might have had some experience with both.  Thanks in advance. 
I have heard the phono stage in the Aria Integrated at Audio Connection and found it to be quite nice.  I am sure it is as good, if not better than the phono pre in the Yamaha.
@mrdecibel , i thought the same thing while I was typing the post, and I plan on doing that, but while I’m waiting for the Aria to arrive, I wanted to hear what people had to say.
I listened to the Aria integrated at Audioconnection, as well. Though I didn't audition the phono, I found it to be a very capable piece of equipment. It so impressed me that I am leaning toward a pair of Aria Monoblocks for my office system.
I have no doubt you will find the phono preamp to be up to par.