Yamaha GT 2000 with 40 pound copper platter.

This is much too pretty not to share. The turntable belongs to AudioKarma member Mark B


Any idea where to buy this copper platter ? The original can cost more than 2000x 😮

The only person who would need to buy the copper platter would be a GT 2000 owner. Mark.B is the AudioKarma member who arranges for the copper platter. He regularly posts on the GT 2000 Social Group thread over there.

Given the fact the GT 2000 has a 14'' platter it's harder to house said TT because the plinth has to be larger and a longer tonearm is needed? Selection of tone arms can be limited? Also paying a machinist to build a larger platter almost 15'' would cost more.ncould we build a platter in a smaller diameter as most all other tt's seem to have, with the same mass? It might be 4'' thick idk, but could it be done? A smaller platter diameter but thicker and have it still fit on the standard spindle? Wouldn't it be the same in use, same sound quality?