Yamaha vs Rotel

Hi Everyone,

I am torn between Yamaha AS-2200 VS Rotel RA1592 (or RA1572 +RB1590 Separates) for my DALI Speakers. Could you shed some light on their characteristic differences in terms of sonic performance? Thanks in advance.
Agree with soix the Yamaha will probably sound a bit warmer, not sure if that is a good thing for your set up but I really enjoyed the 2100 in my system. I also had the R-N 803 streaming receiver and it sounded like a mini version of the 2100. Amazing amp for the poultry sum I paid for it. 
I was thinking the same. I love warm sounding amps. I looked at the streaming components and now try to find a streaming DAC that is at par with the overall quality of the system. Have you checked out Yamaha MusicCast NP-S303? not sure about the quality of DAC.I am also considering Cambridge Azur 851N and RME  ADI-2 DAC FS.