Yesterday, I almost wet my pants.

Was in Amoeba records in San Francisco yesterday, and did the usual scanning of the vinyl section, starting at the A's. Found a Japanese copy of Aztec Camera "Knife", then a copy of "Backwards and Forwards" Cool..Found a mint copy of Kate Bush's Greatest hits...the Kate Bush "lionheart" and "The Dreaming" Japanese ..and so on and so on....Beatles Japanese issues..all with Obi's in new or minty condition..

Appears the store made a huge buy from a long time collector Japanese vinyl collector. I am very happy.
To avoid embarrassment you may want to where *DEPENDS* next time you go in that store. Seriously Good score!!!
Goin back today and took all of your advice. I am prepared for Japanese vinyl fest MkII.

Picked up 22 Japanese Lps on Saturday. Goin for the vocals, easy listening, and Jazz bins today.
Iwas in there yesterday too. Parked about 8 light-years away up Clayton. Great store though....although I miss the "Rock-N-boll"