Your audio rack and laminate floating floors

Hoping those who have this type of flooring could chime in with any thoughts or recommendations.
Will be moving into my new home soon and the room I will be setting up my system has this type of flooring. I'm just thinking about the way the flooring works, interlocking with each piece, but not secured to the sub floor under it. Should I be concerned about resonance issues? The laminate flooring is installed over a concrete and the floor has a cushioned padded bottom to it.
I have a Steve Blinn audio rack and have it set up where it attaches to a wall stud at the top shelf- in 2 places. There are cone spikes for feet. I am ready to order 4 coupling disks for the laminate floor. This has worked extremely well in my other home on a carpeted floor over wood frame.
I have no scientific evidence to back my thoughts but I would think that four
brass coupling disks on your laminate floor would be the best way to go. That's
what I used on my 3/4" natural oak tongue and groove floor. I realize my
floor was not a floating floor as yours will be but that's what I would do.
You can always phone Robert at Star Sound and run your question by him. He is
extremely knowledgeable and will give you some good advice.
We're about to install a floating stranded bamboo floor in our home and have been wondering about the same issue. I'm installing the best acoustic padding under the floor we could find in the hopes of mitigating any resonance issues. I'll be interested to see what the best footer solution ends up being.
Lak, I'm sure there is going to be a (big?) difference between a nailed down floor and a floating type.
I did get the coupling disks from Robert at Star Sound as I have his Audio Points under my speakers. Not sure how they'll work with the Steve Blinn stock (cone) footers under the rack.
Perhaps I'll call Robert and pick his brain a bit.
I'll chime back in when all set up.