Your favorite Sheherazade LP ?

I heard a 1962 recording of Eugene Ormandy conducting the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra this weekend at my father-in-law's house which was brilliant! I forget the record label, but it had a scematic of the orchestra layout on the back and all the recording details. I've been looking for it, and would appreciate any guidance you could provide. Or is there a different recording which is more highly recommended?
Renaissance - Scheherazade and Other Stories: 1st UK press is the best ;)
Anserment/Suisse Romande DECCA original (also its licensed Contour Red Label CC7501 (UK) is surprisingly good)
Love the Reiner as well.  Jose Serebrier and London Philharmonic on Reference Recordings is my favorite. A friend turned me onto it and that recording got me into classical. 
I also think the Reiner RCA is terrific for both interpretation and sound quality.
FWIW the last Penguin Guide I have says it "stands out"  among many other superb recordings of this piece, and gave a Rosette to the RCA SACD version.
First off I am a big fan of Rimsky Korsakov and particularly his mid and far eastern tone poems and orchestral works, he really made his mark with me from a very young age.

I have copies of the Reiner CSO on both Chesky and Acoustic Sounds vinyl and RCA SACD and a Classic Record release on CD, great performance and excellent sound quality on both but the debate between vinyl and CD really becomes clear as an aside to the question. I also have a CD recording of the 1962 Ormandy recording with Philadelphia. Also a Telarc cd with MacKerras and The London Symphony.

All excellent recordings and interpretations but the one that moves me the most and is the one to own, ALONG with the 1960 Reiner Chicago version of the ones listed is the Beecham & Royal Philarmonic on EMI classics, sure wish I had the vinyl!  The tonal colors of the orchestra are absolutely brilliant and outside a live performance I can’t imagine a performance and recording of a full orchestra better than this one.