Your most disappointing purchase or audition?

I've had a few.

bought a Naim Nait 3. Loved it in the store. Returned it within a week- way forward at home

Brought home some CJ preamp to audition perhaps 22 years ago. Noisy as anything and a turn off transient destroyed a tweeter (though years later i bought a CJ 17LS2 which I thought was the finest preamp I ever heard in my home)

Auditioned a VPI table (HW19) in a store- the store just could not get the belt to stay on. Bought a Rega instead. This was in perhaps 1990.

Fortunately, I never really experienced buyers remorse say 6 months or more after settling on a piece of gear.

Finally, there have been too many speakers that got stellar write ups which I just didn't care for.

If the post you referenced above by charles1dad is something you find offensive, you should probably find something else to do other than read and post in open forums. Your skin is way too thin and your feelings way too fragile.

Shakey, fragile eh? Label me as you wish. If I'm so wrong, why are Charles1dad's posts being moderated? The fact is one of us is in the and one of us is in the wrong. And the forum admins have come to a judgment of that. Oh, and I intend on posting regularly on this forum.
08-08-14: Drubin
It's disturbing to watch a public meltdown.
Yes amen Drubin, get rid of the trolls & lets get back to friendly discussion on this hobby!