Your short list integrated amps, NO DAC, prefer 100W+, strange hi Z load

Price new or used preferably under $500-$600.

System employs a unique "reverberant field" auxiliary speaker with separate input and high-pass xo (300 Hz) with high input Z and passive L-pad level control. In normal use the RV speaker’s high input Z and benign phase angle allows virtually any main amp to drive the RV speaker parallel with the main speaker.

I want a separate integrated amp to drive the RV speaker to remotely set RV speaker level and mute it.

The integrated amp’s architecture is less critical than my preference for no DAC which shall never be used, adds clutter and makes service more costly and likely. This amp reproduces little below ca. 300 Hz.

On the one hand the RV speaker’s 24-ohm input Z divides the amp’s 8-ohm power by 3, OTOH the RV speaker’s output level is significantly less than the main speaker and there's no current demand where a full range amp has the greatest load (50-200 Hz.)

100W likely provides a reasonable output margin but I’ll consider power down to 50-60W. 1 input, remote volume and mute is acceptable; a remote input switch can suffice as a mute. Volume step may NOT exceed 1 dB; .5 dB or continuous is ideal. Otherwise, the less controls and inputs the better.

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