Your sub experience: Easy or hard?

For those of us with subwoofers, I'm curious whether you thought integrating it was easy or difficult.  That's it.

Of course, lots of DBA people will chime in. No problem but please ask that everyone stay on topic.  If you want to discuss all the pro's and cons of DBA take it to a brand new thread.  Thank you.

The focus here is just to ask how many people had easy or difficult times and what you thought was the difference.


In over 90% of Loudspeakers a good sub or 2 is always much more articulate. 
and go much lower in Bass. I have the SVS4000SB subs , even one is a substantial upgrade and sound fast tunefull and defined Sealed Bass is faster and more tunefull to below 18 HZ not many speakers can’t compete with that 

1200watts over 4,000watts peak for $1700 each with a great usable app 

a true audio bargain IMO.

I have found it very easy to integrate a REL S510 between either my Magnepan 3.7 or Thiel 2.4’s in a smaller (11x 15 well damped room) as long as I only care about my single listening position. If you need to accommodate multiple listening positions or difficult room geometry it will likely prove much more difficult. I have found moving around my room from my sweet spot drastically changes integration as would be expected. Many here suggest using a mic and software in those cases.

My sub experience was very easy.  Put the 2 (custom 18") subs in the corners where they belong (MUCH easier said than done - very heavy.)  Hooked up the amps to the subs (one per sub), connected the crossover / LP filter to the amps, connected separate cables from the preamp to the crossover.  Fired up the preamp and rest of the system.  Fired up the crossover, then the amps.  Played some music with REAL bass - Saint-Saens, Ravel, Respighi, Stravinski...  Adjusted the crossover level as the music played.  All good.  Done.