Your thoughts about an upgrade

I currently listen to vinyl and digital through a VTL integrated amp feeding Vandersteen Treo CT speakers. The November Stereophile review of Vandersteen’s Quatro CT Wood speakers and M5-HPA amplifiers (which is apparently not on-line yet) has made me think seriously about making the jump, which would also require a new pre-amp and lots of cabling.

My listening room is 12.5’ x 15’ and I’ve never turned the volume on the current system above halfway. I think I’m not hearing as much bass as I would like, but it very much depends on the recording I’m listening to.

I can probably go hear the new setup at the dealer and will do so, but I’d be interested in anyone’s thoughts on this move.
Well, after a couple of listening sessions with my own records, this week I went ahead and did it: Quatro Wood CT speakers, M5-HPA monoblocks, Rogue Audio RP-9 preamp, balanced interconnects between the preamp and amps, new balanced interconnect for the exaSound e32 Mk II DAC. Will keep my existing Kimber 8TC bi-wired speaker cables but shorten them up from the current 10-foot. Dealer will take the Treos and VTL integrated in trade. Should arrive in a few weeks.
Great move. Though I would consider moving to Audiquest cables.
IMHO, they really compliment Vandy equipment.
gdnrbob, I might take you up on that. Got about $1K invested in the Kimbers. In fact the dealer did recommend AQ Yosemites for the interconnects.
op great move, you will have a world class system :-) I suspect with your room size you have an optimal spot to listen from and now you will have 11 bands of room EQ, variable Q and level. When you cut down the Kimber or have Robert or Ray do it, consider an external shotgun bi-wire configuration- you have plenty of wire for it !!! My Treo are wired this way. What wood did you get ? I am in Carlsbad, please visit when we get thru this!!!! Congrats!!!!
I just helped setup a pair of Treo CT w Aesthetix Mimas in Carmel Mountain area :-) lovely Sound. W Quattro and M5 amps you in for a real treat