Your thoughts about an upgrade

I currently listen to vinyl and digital through a VTL integrated amp feeding Vandersteen Treo CT speakers. The November Stereophile review of Vandersteen’s Quatro CT Wood speakers and M5-HPA amplifiers (which is apparently not on-line yet) has made me think seriously about making the jump, which would also require a new pre-amp and lots of cabling.

My listening room is 12.5’ x 15’ and I’ve never turned the volume on the current system above halfway. I think I’m not hearing as much bass as I would like, but it very much depends on the recording I’m listening to.

I can probably go hear the new setup at the dealer and will do so, but I’d be interested in anyone’s thoughts on this move.
gdnrbob, I might take you up on that. Got about $1K invested in the Kimbers. In fact the dealer did recommend AQ Yosemites for the interconnects.
op great move, you will have a world class system :-) I suspect with your room size you have an optimal spot to listen from and now you will have 11 bands of room EQ, variable Q and level. When you cut down the Kimber or have Robert or Ray do it, consider an external shotgun bi-wire configuration- you have plenty of wire for it !!! My Treo are wired this way. What wood did you get ? I am in Carlsbad, please visit when we get thru this!!!! Congrats!!!!
I just helped setup a pair of Treo CT w Aesthetix Mimas in Carmel Mountain area :-) lovely Sound. W Quattro and M5 amps you in for a real treat
tomic601: I’m bi-wired now with the 8TC and Treo CTs. The new ones, like the old ones, will be cherry, because I love it and it goes well in the room. I'm looking forward to expert advice on speaker placement and tuning all the EQ on the Quatros.

It’d to get together when the plague is over; I’m in La Jolla.
I have Vandersteen 5A's with Ayre electronics  .....and a terrible room.   Richard himself did the setup.  Not until I got rid of furniture was I able to lock the sound into place.   The room is very much a part of the sound and it should be addressed appropritately. (the wood on my 5A's are Kowazinga....don't know what that is, but they are gorgeous.)