Zephyr MIMC vs Hana ML

Mounting on a Shure DME 3009 S2 improved with a Thorens TD125 Mk2.

presently using Ortofon 2M black through Musical surroundings Nova III phono stage and linear power supply. This was s major step up from the Grace F7 ruby that came with the TT/TA.

considering a step up and for various reasons I’m leaning towards one of those two cartridges.

Tonearm effective mass, compliance, resonance all check out.

Anyone with enough experience with either/both cartridges to offer sn informed opinion?  I’m all ears.



@sns Yes the ART-9xa is that good. I have my Hana SL off my turntable and my Umami on deck but I can't seem to let go of the ART which is the keeper for now.

The AT does seem to be a rare bird in that I don't recall a single negative or even lukewarm review over a couple months searching. And this even in comparison to much more expensive cartridges.

Funny, I’d started out thinking about saving a few more dollars and looking for a Umami Red. 
Hadn’t given any thought at all to AT.

a brief online search is steering me in that direction. No hurry.  

US made is a factor but most of my system isn’t.


the response to my question has been overwhelming, reassuring is some of the similarities in responses.

my birthday is next month, i start social security in February, VA-disabled at 90% - kinda looking for an upscale upgrade to my system, like one and done, so long as my hearing holds out.

like the chalice selection scene in Indians Jones’ Last crusade, I hope to choose wisely for a lifetime.

Audio-Technica, hmm?

@normb Not sure I'm understanding you correctly, but Umani is nearly $4k, AT $1.3K. AT is the great deal out of all cartridges mentioned here, and simply great deal in comparison with all cartridges based on my research.