Zerostat Red vs Blue

My old Zerostat-3 died recently and i purchased the new version which is bluecolored. I noticed that it only makes one click when I press the handle slowly and only one click as I release it. Is this normal? The red version made 3-5 clicks in each direction.

Should the blue version be operating the same way? Have others had this experience?

I also was surprised by how few click it made when I first used my new "blue" but it works fine!!! I was told this is normal.
At least with the old "white version", clicking meant that you were pulling the trigger too fast. I have an original from the 70's and it should not click at all when used properly. Are the new ones different?
No, my new blue makes 3 clicks. See other thread about bad construction quality. This is my second '3 in one year - the trigger broke on the old one. Shoddy product.
If you like what the Zerostat does you may want to try the Mapleshade Ionoclast --- more "juice and half the price.