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Herron or ?
Stock Herron tubes may sound a bit dry in some systems. Simple tube rolling can get you what you are seeking.  
Herron VTPH-2A or Manley Chinook mk II phonostage
Agreed So glad I got my Herron VTPH-2A 2 years ago. Using it with an Ortophon MC A95 on a much modded WTL Amadeus. I am consistently astounded by what I hear from this setup.  No need to look for anything anymore. It's a DIRTYROTTENSHAME that t... 
Considering simplifying my system... talk me down (or whatever)
DO NOT DO IT.If there were reasons that mandated it, yes and only then.Been there, done that @66. Thankfully I did not sell off the big rig in my attempt.  
Hana SL vs AT Art 9
Still seeking info/insight from someone with direct experience listening to Hana ML and AT ART9 in same system.TIA 
Researching value of two pairs of hi-end speakers
Just took a peek at the ESD Acoustics site. Wow!http// Would really help if you could post a photo of the speakers here. From what I have seen on the ESD site they must be something very special. 
Hana SL vs AT Art 9
Interesting Jeff.The reviews I've found comparing Hana SL/ML have noted substantially better sonics from the ML.Of course, one person's "substantial" may not be substantial to another. ;-) 
Hana SL vs AT Art 9
This should maybe be a new thread, but:How about the Hana ML vs AT ART9?These two carts are very closely priced and I expect closer in performance.i own and love the ART9 though the buzz on the Hana ML sure does have me quite curious. Ideally look... 
Best tonearm for London Reference Cartridge
I second Rolanda’s post and recommendation of the pairing with a Well Tempered Amadeus turntable/tonearm. I’ve used my WTA with a London Decca Super Gold for several years. As I’ve stated on other occasions “a match made in heaven.”  
Best DAC to go with Aurender N100H?
Primaluna’s new DAC offering “sounds” like it may be right up your alley.  
I've never believed much in cables, that said... (USB)
Now that you have determined that USB cables do matter, this one will blow your mind:  
Which area of components to spend the most $ on? Boy I was wrong all my life!
This quote from Beavis tidily sums it up: "Know what they say Butt-Head: You can’t polish a turd" 
Has any inexpensive Asian DAC manufacturer harnessed the ESS Sabre ES9038PRO Chip?
Just checked out the new Musical Paradise DAC you mentioned.Equipped the way I'd prefer it comes to $1500 .... BUT IMO it very well may be a contender that will hold its own with the best DACs out there. Thanks for the heads up.http://www.musicalp... 
Why do Asian looks for old Wadia CDP at high price?
An audio bud of mine has a multi-thousand buck Wadia he’s forced to use as a doorstop because the broken drive cannot be sourced.  
Has any inexpensive Asian DAC manufacturer harnessed the ESS Sabre ES9038PRO Chip?
Thanks.After years of exposure I make it a point to disregard that particular source, a point I will not argue. 
Has any inexpensive Asian DAC manufacturer harnessed the ESS Sabre ES9038PRO Chip?
Please provide specifics regarding test: What unit, when done, by whom, test procedures, etc.There has been a plethora of anti-Audio GD trolling in forums recently. Your post bears a strong resemblance to these posts.I've owned a couple of Audio-G...