Zesto Andros II with ESP vs Modwright PH 9.0 XT?

About to make a big phono stage upgrade. Has anybody compared these two or have experience with either? Cartridge will be a Soundsmith Carmen II, but I also have a low output Hana that I could use.

The MW with the X upgrade and the tube rectified PS puts it in the same fiscal neighborhood as the Zesto.


I have the PH9.0.

Probably going to upgrade to the X.

I like the separate PS.  Don't really like that it's a hybrid but the reviews convinced me.

If I had the cash, I might have gone with the Andros II.  Better loading selection, not sure it's an advantage as I use  SUT.  Pure tube.

Sonically, based on what I read, maybe a toss up.  Modwright might be a bit more SS (base upon comparing with my Tavish Adagio).

Maybe take a look at Luxman EQ500 too.

Can't go wrong with either one IMO.

I have the Ph 9.0 with the X upgrade and the tube-rectified PS. Excellent piece, I've had it around 5 years, always dependable and great sound.  Match it with an SME 30/2 and sometimes an LP12.  From the 9.0, it goes to a Modwright KWI200, also excellent.