Zesto Andros phono users

What's the lowest output MC cartridge you've used with good results? I own the original phono stage, not the 1.2 version.

Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š
Ortofon Rohmann at 0.25. A little bit noisy though.
Upgrading the Zesto to the 1.2 increased the gain and lowered the noise floor - a big improvement.

I had used a Denon DL-103r with the Zesto. The test data that came with the cart said that it's output was about .3mv. Worked well, but not sure that I'd want to go much lower in output due to the increased noise floor.

I've considered the 1.2 upgrade but not all of the newest features are useful to me at the moment. They've also upped the MM capacitance from 100ohms to 200ohms, which would not be an asset to some of my carts.ย 
Taters -
The upgrade cost for the Zesto from 1 to 1.2 is subjective.
My personal view is if you are keeping the Zesto long term, then the upgrade is worthwhile - slightly more gain, lower noise floor and more fluid and open through the midrange. Overall quite an audible and enjoyable improvement.

I use a transfiguration Proteus with great results in my store demo unit. Running the Andros 1.2. The proteus is 0.2mV output and 1ohm resistance. ย The proteus sounds amazing with the setupย