Zoethecus is out of business ?

I just purchased a used z.4/r rack and a couple of the black phenolic support brackets which mount in corners to support the shelves were cracked. I tried by telephone and numbers unavailable and emailed customer@zoethecus.com and received it returned. I believe they are out of business. I spoke to local dealer today and he was contacted by zoethecus about a year ago and was asked if they were still having a demand for their products. They must have been checking the market before they made a decision to close. Thanks for any information, Don
A dealer who sold their products told me a couple of weeks ago that Zoethecus is indeed no longer in business.
I spoke to Christian as recently as last week and things seemed to be fine? Did you dial 718-422-7720? If not, try that. They are a very large diversified company and would not be likely to close up shop.
The word on the street was that Cristian (spelling) wanted to retire! So he was in the process of selling the business to Sanus.

These stands are of incredible build quality, but since they do not come apart they are a beast to ship.

If you need a few of the plastic corner braces, you can purchase lexan in the proper thickness at Home Depot and cut it with a jig saw, drill the proper sized holes and you should be good to go.