Zu Druid Mk IV owners, what speaker cable to use?

Don’t throw heavy objects at me please, here comes another Zu thread.

I have set my mind on a pair of used Druid MkIV for the second system. One particular attraction being that Zu isn’t distributed on the German market, so far. I’m buying these from someone who imported them himself.

Which is also where one or the other risk lurks. For instance, I will not have the opportunity to audition the cables that judging from many threads appear to be almost indispensable in this particular speaker’s case: Zu’s Libtec. So I’ll have to do what I try to discourage other people from: shut my eyes and just buy them. Unless, of course, you found other speaker cables to be at least as well-matched or even better for whatever reason you may care to share.

I’ll drive the Druids with a 2x15W Unison S2K tube integrated. They’ll be in a room of some 20 sq.m but will have ample space from the walls. The room has a large window with a light curtain but there is also a bare reflection pane from a mirror. Floor is covered with wall-to-wall carpet (by no means fluffy, though). I will mainly listen to jazz here, also solo piano, acoustic guitar and the occasional string quartet.

Much obliged for any ideas or recommendations.
I just bought a pair of the Zu druids 2 weeks ago. I have tried them with various cables, the difference in my opinion is very slight. These are the cables i have tried with the druids (kimber 8tc, Zu wax, DIY cat5, monster Z4, clear day silver cables, and MIT AVt3). Most of these cables were borrowed from fellow friends to test out. After testing all these cables i've come to the conclusion their are sonic diffences with each cable but i could live with any of them. I am one who doesn't believe in spending crazy amounts of money on cables, just my opinion. I ended liking the clear day silver cables bought right here on audiogon for $125.

I noticed the main difference in sound is when i tested these speakers out with tube and solid state amps. These are meant to be driven with tubes, i don't care what anyone says. I tried these speakers with an onyx sp3, consonance 300b, dared vp845 on the tube side and parasound, ps audio and monarchy audio on the solid state side. The only one i would recommend for solid state would be the monarchy audio se100 delux mono amps. The tube amps all sounded good. I would test out the speakers with some cables you have handy and then go from there. Like i said, to me speaker cable prices are out of control, to each his own though.

Speakers: Zu Druid
Speaker cables: Clear day silver cables
Interconnects: Beldin with Eichmann gold plugs
Amplifier: Dared VP-845
CD Player: Shanling t100
Turntable: Basis 1400
I had the WAX and Libtec on my Druids, and there was more of an improvement in the soundstage with the Libtecs. More air, space, etc.
Both the above posts have info I agree with. Libtec will outperform Wax and are a very good match with Druids. I use them with Definitions and am still very pleased. I believe the same wire is used within the speaker.

Re amps, yes tube amps (but not the lush kind imo) are a very good thing with Druids or Defs. If going solid state it should be Class A or just very neutral SS. The Druids do have their signature sound and I think the more neutral the amp the more you can appreciate its sound.

I think your Unison will be a very good place to start, take your time, understand what your system is doing to please or displease you, then move accordingly if needed. G'luck!
I just bought a pair of Zu Ibis to upgrade my Druid MkIV rig from Zu Julians (which aren't bad at $250/pair). I should be getting them in a few days and I will post my opinions on which I prefer.
By the way, I'm running the Druids with a tube preamp (Supratek Chenin) and a Class D amp (Gilmore Raven) and I love the sound. Combines the best of tubes and SS IMHO, and boy can it ROCK!.