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Garrard 301 and Graham Phantom or Vintage Arm
I agree with Salectric. I am running a Schick Stick with Koetsu Urushi on my soapstone plinthed 301 and the combo sounds fantastic. 
Worst record ever?
Anything from Boston or The Cars.... 
Uni-Protractor Set tonearm alignment
To Jazzgene,"To note, I did not like the sound of Lofgren IEC and reset my cartridge to VPI's own jig which has a sweeter timbre and less harshness on grand pianos."......"Is Uni-Pro worth the 700 bucks? That would be up to the individual and thei... 
Woofer sucking in and out
Vinyladdict, All filters affect phase. Period, end of story. As was said earlier, a filter is a band-aid. The OP needs to find the source of the problem and address it. 
Woofer sucking in and out
Filters are a last resort. All filters will effect the phasing of the signal... Find and fix the real problem. 
Uni-Protractor Set tonearm alignment
Genesis,I totally agree. We all have choices. I chose a $50 arc protractor designed for my Schick arm. And it gives me the choice of L, B or S geometries. With the Koetsu, it is very difficult to see the inner null point because the body is so low... 
Uni-Protractor Set tonearm alignment
Genesis168,+++++"So Ford made the first car."++++++Ford did NOT make the first car. All Ford did was start mass production.....All this is very interesting. Personally, I wouldn't pay that much for a protractor. And with all do respect to DT and e... 
Woofer sucking in and out
There is absolutely nothing wrong with equipment being in between the speakers. 99.9% of systems are setup this way. Of course, ideally, the speakers should be farther out in the room than the rack the equipment is on.I suspect, as others have sai... 
I think I am going to attempt to make turntatbles
Belt drives have no punch. Boring sounding. IMO 
Top 5 guitar jams
CCR? Puleez...... Might as well be Freebird......... 
I could cry
gotta agree with tvad and dc...... not the cats fault.... do no harm to the cat..... 
Who's your guitar daddy now?
I'm sorry, but IMHO Satriani and Vai, hide behind the amplification and distortion. They make noise.................Give me an acoustical player any day........ Hedges, Montgomery, etc.... 
Who's your guitar daddy now?
more Monte......http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8RCgWBQD80&feature=related 
Who's your guitar daddy now?
Monte Montgomery.......http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJ-pM78WBGchttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31QQ1gNpAaY 
The day the music died.
It was Waylon that lost the coin toss. He lived with a horrible memory until his death...... he jokingly said " I hope the plane crashes"...... This was after Buddy said "I hope you freeze on that bus"...... Wasn't heated.Now, just don't make me l...