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Mapleshade Recordings
As bad as they come.One dimensional. 
Best ever made & sounding CD transport ?
CEC transports are among the best. 
Vote for best US made solid state amp
Yep.Goldmund and FM Acoustics are excellent as well. 
Best female vocals on CD
Lisa Gerrard(Dead Can Dance).Otiginal and powerfull.Not for kids. 
Integrateds, for $1000.00
Sim Audio.$1300.00 new,$1000.00 demo.(try gcaudio.com). 
Best musician in the world?
John Mclaughlin,Dead Can Dance. 
The Best Audio Dealer
Galen Carol Audio's service was great when I bought $65.00 Polycrystal cones from him by mail.Audio Advisor(mail-order)is also quite good. 
Best CD Player under $1000
CEC TL5100Z belt-drive($800.00 from audioadvisor.com;msrp-$1795.00) 
Great Acoustic Guitar Recordings
John Mclaughlin-'Natural Elements','Handfull of Beauty';Mclaughlin/DiMeola/DeLucia-'Passion,Grace&Fire','GuitarTrio';Paco DeLucia-'Siroco';Al DiMeola-'Cielo e Terra','Heart of the immigrants'. 
Vote for best US made solid state amp
JRDG.Gryphon for Europian. 
Worst Music of All-Time
Anything on Mapleshade label.Besides,the quality of their recordings is bad beyond words. 
Top manufacturers!
Jeff Rowland Design Group,Cardas Audio. 
Speakers: all-time worst
Guys, if you think that Cervin-Wega or Bose speakers are worst, means you've never heard Jenssen. I bet coffin with two buckets can sound better. 
stereo system under 6K
This is not going to be a standard recommendation. 1)CD player - CEC TL5100Z ($800, audioadvisor.com) 2)Amplification-AudioLab(pre/power combo, $2000, artech-electronics.com) or SIMaudio Moon integrated (demo.,$2000) 3)Loudspeakers-Michael Green D...