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Just compared Monster M2.2 and ZU Mission speaker cables
@lowrider57 yes. I will. The cables are used. So I figure they already have been broken in unless they need RE broken in after some periods of non use.   
Just compared Monster M2.2 and ZU Mission speaker cables
@soix  so I could compare by using the balance knob. Zu mission left speaker, Monster right speaker- mono music  
What are the audio differences you hear with turntable Mats.
Interesting. I wonder if an Acrylic mat without the adhesive would be an improvement over the stock 1200g mat  
What are the audio differences you hear with turntable Mats.
@atmasphere Is there an Acrylic mat that you have had good luck with?  
Monster Speaker Cables
I have to agree. Plus, it does not take $3000.00 cables to make a component sound better (I’m talking most people’s systems, not the ultra expensive $100,000 + systems---thats a world I have no experience in). I find that Power cables make a big ... 
Have we lost civility and respect on Audio forums?
We are living in a time of "know it all's" because its so easy to challenge other people's opinions without meaningful discussion on the web. One thing I find that does "dis-arm" rude responses is using "personal opinionated phrases":  "It's been... 
Monster Speaker Cables
I thought Bruce Brisson (MIT CABLES) designed the early high end Monster cables like the M2.2's, etc.   
Why does FM radio sound so good?
Public radio stations sound fantastic. Mainstream Rock or whatever still compress everything to death. I swear a station the next town over adds reverb to their content.   
Found Great Seller - Plinth for Technics 1200 GAE
WOW, I'd like to have a Piano Black version for my Silver 1200GR  
Do I upgrade my cartridge or my turntable
I would upgrade the cartridge. I do like the advice with having the Linn checked out, new belt etc. IMO, the cartridge plays a bigger, more noticeable role in the overall sound than the actual TT (assuming you don't have a chepo, junk TT). Your Li... 
Monster Speaker Cables
I'd be curious to see what's inside the round thingy's at each end of the M2,.2's. I've always heard they are actually nice cables  
What do you like and dislike about vintage Western Electric cables?
So I am guessing I can buy the bulk cable and hook it up as is and let it play a while to see if I like the sound. Then I can finish the build out with spade terminations and out jacket...correct? The WE 2c 10ag sounds like a perfect fir for my Lu... 
"World's Best Cables" vs Audioquest interconnects
I think I may order a pair of the 7awg cables above and compare them to my ZU Mission cables.  
Not selling Cardas cables online again, just wanted to share.....
Here's what I do (and I am sure its not foolproof) it has saved me a couple of times. Place a small dent, scrape mark or something you can take a picture of and compare when you get something back. I've done it with LP's in runout groove. Somethin... 
Made in USA
In the audiophile world, is there really anything made that is pure junk?Sure some things are better than others, however, pretty much everything is of decent quality.  Myself, I tend to look for items that seem to take things up a notch with craf...