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How often do you upgrade your turntable?
I’ve owned at least 22 turntables, just counted them up :-).Always striving to make my source as good as possible. Regardless of the remainder of the chain, you must have great source to make great sound and LP is currently the longest running for... 
Squeeze Concert including one odd tidbit
I love Squeeze, “In Quintessence“is one of my favorites. I have four or five of their LPs, thanks for bringing up the topic. 
Best Cartridge for Raidho D3 - Atlas, GFS, PC1-S
Reads like you would be candidate for Lyra ETNA or Atlas. I've owned the Atlas, the ETNA is a little more “musical” but share similar personality. Both are top tier products. 
Does alcohol impair appreciation of sound?
ZavatoI have to rethink my answer. I will undertake a rigorous study. Today I will have 1 shot of bourbon and listen to music. I will gauge my appreciation.Tomorrow I will have 2 shots of bourbon and listen to music and gauge my appreciation.The n... 
What's your profession? Age?
Got rid of the albatross, and my system has never sounded so good! Albatross is a bird. I looked up bird and one definition is: “Chiefly British origin: girl“ Could it be, are they correct? 
Funniest Quote About Your Audio "Affliction"
Jond,Peter’s site is good as well. http://avshowroomsforums.com/activity.php 
Funniest Quote About Your Audio "Affliction"
10-30-15: TatersAlbert porter,And what 2 websites are you referring to?What's Best Forum and AVShowrooms Forums. What's Best is Audiogon member Oneobgyn and Peter Breuninger the reviewer runs AVShowrooms Forums.AVShowrooms states the following: "Y... 
Funniest Quote About Your Audio "Affliction"
Tomcy6I think that Czarivey was refering to the mention of the Electrocompaniet CD player, which if you google it, costs $3500, being matched with a $3500 Aluminata power cord.I see that the OP clarified that the cd player cost $8k. A $3500 power ... 
Funniest Quote About Your Audio "Affliction"
Aintitgr8Who said the wire was more than the components?It was $18k in BAT VK-150se amps, $10k BAT VK-51se preamp, $80k speakers, $8k Electrocompaniet CD player....The wire was a bargain in relation to what it brought to the table.For some reason ... 
Got to open up my system today. Vandy Treo's
Is it possible the Vandy Treo’s just reached another break in plateau?My speakers (NO other changes) went through multiple break in stages up to about 2200 hours. 
Downsampling Apple Lossless files for iPod
In iTunes help section of your computer you can search and find:“Save a copy of a song in a new file format“(1) Choose iTunes>Preferences, click General and click Import Settings(2) In the Import Using pop-up menu, choose the format you want to... 
Homegrown Audio ripoff?
Mterle,Bless the police for saving the day for you. I would call and tell them how much you appreciate getting your $1250.00 dollars worth of merchandise back. 
Purist Audio power cords and cables
InnaAlbert, I've been reading your posts for years and have no reason not to believe your hearing and objectivity.So, those cords are not just cords, they are also sort of power conditioners.Hope to try them one day. Currently using Custom Power C... 
Purist Audio power cords and cables
StringreenTo ME, Purist has a particular sound whereas Wireworld just tells it like it is.Every connection has a particular sound, I’ve never listened to any interconnect or speaker cable that did not alter sound from what it was being compared to... 
Purist Audio power cords and cables
InnaAlbert, I suspect you tried every Purist cable ever made. What is the difference between Dominus and the newest one? And another question to you. Is that customized Technics that you have, two actually, the best turntable available? Better tha...