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Purist Audio power cords and cables
I agree with Zd542, why don’t you listen and decide for yourself if an upgrade to an ultimate level cable has merit in your system. While you’re at it, The Cable Company has other brands in every price category. In short, It does not matter what w... 
Technics SP-10 Tonearm Pod instead of Plinth/Base
Any idea about internal construction? Is it available with Panzerholz or other heavy non resonant materials? I know shipping becomes an issue with Panzerholz and Slate but would be a nice option if they offered. They are attractive and I appreciat... 
Technics SP-10 Tonearm Pod instead of Plinth/Base
The plinths from Acoustand look nice, would be great if someone had a way to test so we know performance.The Acoustand website does not mention price, what do they sell for and are they shipped from UK? 
Best Audio Related Story (or joke).
Non audio but funny https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/jLI6VA40oUs?autoplay=1&vq=hd720&rel=0&showinfo=0&start=0&end 
Do you Bi-Wire, if you can?
I began with single wire and sound was excellent. I later upgraded to biwire.To be completely honest, single wire for dollar spent was a more sensible option. I used identical brand and performance level both times so I think this was a fair test.... 
Vintage DD turntables. Are we living dangerously?
Looks nice Peter and I must say, very original. At one time you experimented with a similar plinth and VPI DD motor. Do you offer both or find this restored Denon to be a better performer? 
How to use Feickert Protractor on SME V Tonearm
I use the Mint and supply Yip the cantilever length and he builds a protractor that accommodates the correct spindle to pivot distance for SME as well as obtaining correct overhang.I don’t know of any other tool that does this. The problem arises ... 
Sanders 10B Electrostatic
Bombaywalla, Thank you for valuable response, appears 250 watts of tube power will be adequate. 
Sanders 10B Electrostatic
Clio09Albert, it may not be required for the 10B but how many 100 watt tube amps can drive a 1 ohm load? Is the Sanders a 1 ohm load? If yes, do you know across what part of the musical spectrum?What is your opinion on 200 + WPC tube amps? Say Aud... 
Sanders 10B Electrostatic
Clio09Albert, I would suggest taking a look at the Music Reference RM-200. Can drive a 1 ohm loadWow, is that required for the Sanders 10B?HewIf you haven't done so as yet, I'd suggest that you talk with the man himself to get some ideas. My audio... 
Sanders 10B Electrostatic
Bombayalla,I agree about Wolcott, I moved out of mine when service options dried up. They were good but other amps have come along since then.A friend I spoke to today said there were tube amps designed for Sanders speakers. The brand is Western R... 
Sanders 10B Electrostatic
Rcprince,Yes, when I had Sound-Lab speakers I did run Wolcott amps with great success. Later on I bought VTL 750 and had them for many years. What I’m hoping to learn is if Sanders is hard to drive and approximate power requirement. 
Sanders 10B Electrostatic
Hello Bifwynne, and thank you. I did a search of Audiogon forums before posting my question. I will absolutely take Ralph’s recommendations to heart.I would like input for as many brands as possible as well as power requirement. I have zero experi... 
In Memoriam: Bobby Palkovich of Merlin Music
I did not know Bobby, my only interaction with him was at audio shows but he is a highly respected member of the audio community and I feel great sorrow for his family. 
Clear audio professional or klaudio record cleaner
I prefer KL Audio, I've had many record cleaning machines and this one produces best sound and also is also the easiest to use.Also, some machines are not equipped to deal with 10” and 7” records. KL Audio has adapters to accommodate these.