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Preamp Deal of the Century
Chelvam,So Mick still take orders for preamps? My officemate, after borrowing my preamp for a week, wants to buy it but I am not selling. If Mick still take orders, I can tell my friend to email him directly then.regards,Abe 
Why not go crossover-less? 
Putting vintage tubes in the power supply of pre
Putting vintage tubes in the power supply of pre
Power supply tubes do not affect the sound IMO May I ask on how you formed this opinion?The voltage in the power supply is what makes the "sound" that you hear, technically speaking. Any change there affects everything because it dictates how the ... 
Separating BiWire Cables
Electrical tape is cheap! 
Questions about RCA 5751tubes
Me, if I ordered and paid for a Sylvania 5751 triple Mica tubes, I should get a Sylvania 5751 triple Mica tubes, period!I do not need someone telling me that the RCA is better sounding than the Sylvania etc. etc. The bottom line is, you should get... 
Charles Lloyd suggestions
Forest Flower - Charles Lloyd At Monterey, LP Atlantic SD 1473 
Thorens 124 compared to new best tt
Hi Jean,Nice summary. Yep, if you build the TD 124 today, I am sure that the cost per unit retail will be prohibitive. Some people does not understand that, instead they dismiss the table because it was built many years ago. Some people make comme... 
Thorens 124 compared to new best tt
Thanks for reply, is it correct to assume that all mentioned tables sound better than TD 124?He,he, me, it's the other way around.Comparable to 150,160b, 160 etc? Please! Smoking too much of your username lately? But if you do not own one, ... 
Low SET versus High SET
Presuming I have a sympathetic pair of loudspeakers to mate the amplifier with, and admitting to being willing to live with the inherent tradeoffs of the marriage, I prefer the lower power SET amps. There is a certain magic there that I feel the l... 
Thorens 124 compared to new best tt
Don't know if this will help you, but my personal progression is as follows.VPI Scout with SDS, then the Michelle sounds much better to me than the VPI, then the Teres 255 kicks it's butt, then the TD 124 stopped my TT upgrade (but not buying anot... 
How far I can go with tonearms on my Thorens 124?
Hi Larry,Idler wheels come up from time to time at Ebay. For other stuff, like ceramic ball upgrade/bronze thrust plate etc, just type "Thorens" under search and should list them.If you have an old idler wheel, since your 124 is not operational ye... 
Preamp Deal of the Century
There you go, it is settled. Let the GZ33 frenzy begin!No problem here. Besides, my all stock Supratek Chenin is in the corner of my listening room collecting dust for almost 10 months now and counting. I was hoping a little bit that it becomes a ... 
Preamp Deal of the Century
By the way, the Radio Museum site lists the current draw of the GZ33 as 2.8 amps, same as the GZ37Hmmmm......different on mine. I thought the 5U4 is the same as a GZ33, current draw-wise, and the GZ37 is 200 mA less.GZ37GZ33regards 
Preamp Deal of the Century
No argument here as far as rolling the rectifier. Yes, no signal goes to it except the dc voltage it provides is the whole signal that is amplified. Besides, your unit is different now compared to stock. Let's say your preamp is a new design using...