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Non-fatiguing speakers in $10K range?
I currently have Focal Electra 1008BE's powered by Hegel H90 (60 watts). I did not demo them live. I kept listening to a YT vid of Jamaican Heartbeat by Acoustic Alchemy with 1208BE's- the floor standers powered by Naim. It's was 99% of the sound ... 
Audio Research versus McIntosh tube amps: anyone experience or compare both?
Here it comes from left field.. Ready?  Pathos Kratos Hybrid Integrated- Class A PreAmp / Class AB Amp   
Focal v Wilson
Have you considered TAD Reference One?  
Could Class D really be that good?
@pennfootball71 Have you heard any of the Aavik amplifiers?  Word on the street is they are true A/B killers.  Aavik is one of the brands within Denmark Audio Group, Borressen Speakers and Ansuz cables being the other two.    
Could Class D really be that good?
Has anyone heard the Aavik I180 or 280 Class D integrated amplifier?  I hear it is magnificent.  A true Class A/B killer.  Thoughts?   
Magico A3 vs Magico S1 MK2
Regarding an integrated amp that pairs well with Magico A3's; I would highly recommend checking out the Vitus R101 MK2 without streaming dac module- $15,600, with module- $20,600.     
Looking for advise with selecting next integrated amp
In no particular order b/c you really need to consider the music you listen to and the other components in your system as well as  room acoustics. Here are my suggestions: (Note that all prices are new MSRP)  Hegel H390- $6500. Hegel H590- $... 
Best Sounding Speaker Cables?
Hello, I had the good fortune to AB 3 speaker cable brands all within a price range of 500-1,000 USD for 7.5 ft length. Kimber Cable12TC, Nordost Bue Heaven and Cardas Parsec. I did use any measuring tools so my "analysis" (also a great cable mfr)... 
So Hard to Decide on an Amp
Pass Labs makes extraordinary amps, no doubt. That said, in order to benefit from the full spectrum of Pass Labs power and ingenuity, you really need to have the purchasing power to stick with their higher end gear. I'm not too familiar with your ... 
looking for a Integrated amp $6,000 range
looking for a Integrated amp $6,000 range
Research, research, research is part and parcel of being an audiophile and let's face it, it's fun. For example, I went from seriously considering a SET from Decware and a Mytek Dac to drive a pair of Zu Audio Dirty Weekends, to actually purchasin... 
Amplifier suggestions please
Hello Jumper75! You may want to investigate Sudgen Amplifiers; pure Class A.  Price for the FPA 4 brand new is $3,500. Here is a listing for one in mint condition selling for $1995 although it is an older listing from 2019 so I doubt it is still a... 
Warm romantic & detailed
Hey Jeff, My suggestions for "warmth and romance" are Harabeth, Spendor, Audio Vector. All three are fairly easy to drive with Audio Vector, at 92 db sensitivity, being the easiest. You can find a new model from each brand in your price range. If ...