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Subwoofer hunt
JL subs are bulletproof and easy to integrate because of the adjustments available including continuous phase.  They also have flat frequency responses which also makes them music worthy because the avoid frequency peaks- one note wonder syndrome ... 
Raven Audio Tube amps
i had the nighthawk and blackhawk and each delivered an extraordinary high end sound quality. 
Which integrated amp would you pick?
in this range a raven audio blackhawk or rogue cronus magnum ii with tube upgrades sounds much more transparent and dimensional than the halo. 
Which integrated amp would you pick?
The halo is really nice sounding- could not find anything wrong that it did.  also class A stereophile.  sounds much better than a hegel h160 IMHO.   
Cronus Mag 2 v. Line Magnetic 501 IA
The CM II sounds worlds better with 5 NOS small signal tubes- e.g. RCA, Amperex, Sylvania.   
The best separates between $2500-3000. Moving on from the original Rogue Sphinx Intg..
The Pharaoh sounds much better than the Sphinx.  I could not tolerate the edge to the Sphinx sound.  The Pharaoh has gobs of power and just does not stop.  The bass drive and control is extreme.   
Looking for an upgrate from Cronus Magnum
you guys with experience with the pharaoh- do you think it gives up anything in sound quality to the CM?  does it have a sound signature?  what type of speakers pair best with it?  thanks.   
Looking for an upgrate from Cronus Magnum
Quite honestly a subwoofer is the wrong direction if you want more bass definition.  You need to increase the power at nominally 100Hz +/- 20 Hz for bass impact and definition.  A subwoofer is poor at reproducing those frequencies.  If your speake... 
When speakers duplicate drivers
Done correctly it can work quite well for more power handling. SPL and dynamics- especially bass output.  A good example would be two woofers handing off to a midrange driver at a low enough frequency (e.g. 400Hz) where distortion and phase issues... 
Speakers for Rock - up to 1kusd
Paradigm Monitor 11 if you can swing them- amazing for rock.  Next best from there would be the PSB X2T.  Really good speakers.   
Opinions: Joseph Audio Pulsar vs Dynaudio Conficence C1 vs Totem Element Fire vs ?????
I was heavily auditioning speakers for the past year and was listening to everything ~ 6K or so.  I just wasn't happy with what I was hearing- KEF, Harbeth (except the SuperHL5), GoldenEar, Dali, etc.  Then while at my dealer I wandered into their... 
Shopping for speakers at $1500-$2000 is a chore.
The KEF LS50 is the best of the bunch IMHO by far.  BUT they must be fully broken in and placed the right distance from the wall and they will not sound thin.  The other thing is that they literally shine with tube amplification.  I too heard them... 
Totem sttaf vs GoldenEar Triton 7 vs Dynaudio dm
loved the GEs at first.  I have listened extensively to the whole triton range including the new triton 5.  lush, smooth sounding speakers, very easy on the ears.  however their overall voicing is a little dull and flat for my tastes.  also if you...