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Are Eosone speakers worth anything?
Paul from PS Audio has a Video about the history of this speaker line posted yesterday I think. 
What are you using to drive your Tektons?
Lore Reference[before that the Pendragons] XPA-100's or a PrimaLuna Prologue 5 
Speaker Sales on Audiogon
UPS just lowered their "Heavy Package" Fee from 70lbs to 50lbs this year.Just that alone adds another 24-25 bucksish per package.Then there is the Dimensions Fee.I believe all carriers lowered their Heavy Package Weights .So now Less means More fo... 
Would you donate a dollar to have these Members Review a Product?
Whitecamaross too? 
Help for Linn Isobarik speakers
How Much did you deduct from the final payoff to that painter or paint contractor company on the paint job bill for the damage? 
What's up with TMR Audio?
I would like to hear if he received his stuff.I have messed up plenty of emails myself so I can see how it happens.He probably should just post here again.Hopefully he will  fess up , face the music and move forward. 
How good can it get, really? - my stereo sounds amazing!
IMHOyou  can not go wrong with another subwoofer no matter what else you plan on doing. 
Schiit not that Good?
I really like my Freya 
Speakers for audio and home theater
Check out the Tekton Line 
Adding 5-channel amps to AV Receivers
I think in most cases you would benefit.If the PreAmp Output Voltage levels are good.Even if you only did the front 3 channels that would still be a benefit.Not sure on that Denon but,even without Speaker Outs hooked up there is a chance[if you ar... 
In need of a new bluray player lost without oppo now what ?
not sure if I'd go Samsung as they no longer make 4K Players?I have one from a few years ago that is working fine but..??? 
Linking XBOX ONE S to Google Home for Voice Command
Hi ,Thanks.I did that and was able to setup the first Xbox but ,when I try to do the other Xbox, it does not show up to add like the first one did? 
Welcome to Pro Audio
Anyone using Pro Audio Amps[Crown,QSC etc] in your Home Entertainment setup?..Speakers[Yamaha,QSC,JBL etc] ..Eq's? 
Linking XBOX ONE S to Google Home for Voice Command
LOL..Sure..sounds like a Vintage Home question 
Budget Tube Amp (newbie)
+1 on PrimaLuna PL5  find em used for 800-1000..Autobias too.