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Old school speaker in new threads
that Humidor Speaker looks cool too 
Poor Fritz
not sure what he is winning..WHINING maybe..totally non-productive inputs.I like to LOBE right past his posts 
Beyond Boutique Speakers
"warms my heart to finally see the Troll Kenjit simply being ignored "I thought that was worth repeating murphythecat 
I believe he did call him,and FB etc.I think you should hop on his FB page and put it out there.I bet he responds in some kind of way.But,it is better to find out now how he interacts ..before you buy!Spend your $9G with someone more worthy!! 
Best sounding concert dvds
many of the Joe Bonamassa Blurays,Govt Mule Deep End 
Poor Fritz
yep,they are nice looking.for sureI concur with the "K" free zone here 
Am I too big of a jerk,even for audiogon?
your posts and responses are usually informative and non insulting.I alwys enjoy them.Kenjit/kenwit/dimwit-not so muchso i do not believe eriik is kenjit spelled backwards 
Sub Question. One higher quality sub or two lesser quality? (Rythmik vs HSU)
congrats... and,you can a second one later on when budget presents itself 
Sub Question. One higher quality sub or two lesser quality? (Rythmik vs HSU)
TWO..or more,HSU and SVS both good as I am sure the others mentioned are too.SVS lets you have free shipping both ways..in case you wanted to send it back,SVS Also has 1 year trade up policy.Example,You buy 2 PC2000[Pro version Now but they have t... 
What Center Channel are you using in your Home Theater?
Big Klipsch RC64 or RP440 series..whatever you can find.The big Persona Paradigm centers look like they could carry some dialogue.Bryston AC or Tc Series Centers look good as well. 
Considering the New Tekton Design Encores? AND Owners Group - Experiences/Questions
I hope it works out and your wife comes around after you receive The Encores.Maybe even smile,nod her head let you know what a Mad Genius you are for ordering them 
700.00 speakers new or used
Tekton Lore,Lore Reference etc;Canton Speakers on ACC4less; Jamo C97II  
How to output TV audio through my speakers
There is also an HDMI Audio Extractor on Amazon.It inserts between the Hdmi run to  your TV[you need another HDMI Cable] and it has RCA Outs to run to your Amp/Receiver 
Opinion on best hand held Remote?? Universal or RTI or---
I have had good luck with the Harmony as well mcgal.The lower tier but like you said,if you break it order up another one and sync in the Harmony App.Plus,their database is HUGE. 
purchasing US made speakers
Great link US MFG  yogiboy!!