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If you still spin CD's their is a reference level Transport for reasonable money
Teajay, Now you need to review Alvin’s Denafrips Dacs! 
Linear Tube Audio at Axpona
Lance, thank you for your detailed report on the new preamp. When will it start shipping? 
Linear Tube Audio at Axpona
Lance,            In what ways did you find the new preamp superior? I also have the MZ2 currently.Bob 
Speakers costing range of 2500-3500 per pair
+1 Teckton Double Impacts. They are ridiculously good for the money! 
Review: HHR Exotic Speakers TLS-I Speaker
I really wish Dale would consider coming back to Axpona this year. I found his speakers to be one of the highlights of the shoe for me a few years ago when he exhibited his speakers. Their imaging was amazing and one of the only speakers that woul... 
Tekton Double Impacts
Has anyone tried the new Triple Impacts? 
Richard Shahinian
Just heard about this yesterday. My condolences to his family and a loss to the entire audio community. A true innovator and dedicated classical music expert. His designs hold up well today and I hope his son can continue with the company.  
Preamp Deal Of The Century- Update
Mick,           I used to have a Chenin which I enjoyed very much. What is cost of this new preamp?Bob 
Sadly missed manufacturers
Beveridge Audio speakers and Octave Research. Both companies made great equipment! 
Tekton Double Impacts
Thanks for everyone’s opinion. They are all valid in the mind of each poster. Really that is all that counts. There really isn’t such thing as right and wrong because we all hear differently. We all have our preferences and that makes the world a ... 
Tekton Double Impacts
David,           Teajay does concur that the 2A3 amp does not seem to have enough juice for the Ulf. For some reason the imaging of the speaker was not conveyed correctly with the flea powered amp. It just bunched up between the speakers. When I h... 
Tekton Double Impacts
Not sure what happened but the speakers have a wonderful and alive midrange that are quite enchanting. The speakers completely disappear and they image like crazy! I heard them at Ezra's with Teajay, Mike and Alan. As good as as the original Doubl... 
Tekton Double Impacts
As one of the few people who have heard the DI SE version I must say  
Beveridge speakers-does anyone still use them?
My daughter just turned 12 and is nearly 5'5" and the Beveridges are still singing! Time has really flown by! Hope everyone involved with hurricanes this weekend stays safe and sound.  
Tekton Double Impacts
Snopro, I was wondering if you rolled tubes in the MZ2s? Using vintage NOS tubes make a huge difference in this piece. A number of us are using the Tungsol black glass round plates and Teajay and me are using Brimar 6060's which are just gorgeous ...