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Best Audiophile recordings
Mark Hollis: Mark Hollis Blue Nile: A Walk Across The Rooftops Lyle Lovett: (anything by him) Alphaville: Salvation 
need advise on speaker buying
Alon by Accarian Systems. Just in case you would ever care to listen to music also. The others mentioned are great for handling loud explosions, etc, though. 
Best of the small speakers
Check out the Alon by Accarian line of speakers. 
Amp for Acarian Alon IIs
I am using a BK ST1400 Amp and a conrad johnson PV10A to drive my Alon 1's. It sounds great!!!! 
Please recommend Tube pre-amp(s)
You will never waiste your time or money on a conrad johson. If for some unworldly reason you don't like the sound, you can sell it for very close to what you paid for it. I bought a used PV10A about 5 years ago for $800. I saw one sell on ebay la... 
Are my speakers blown???
Thanks, guys!!! I actually (finally!!!) traced the problem down to my BK ST1400 Amp. I have sent it back to the manu. for repair. I have a loaner amp in place now. I went ahead and replaced the tubes in my Conrad Johnson PV10A with VTL tubes (was ... 
CD player finally died. Need rec.
I was able to bring home the demo unit for a couple of days. It sounds awesome!!! The image is like a living thing, or looking at a landscape. The new-in-the-box unit will be hooked up today. I'm sure it will need to burn-in, but I know what to ex... 
CD player finally died. Need rec.
Thanks for all the great info and humor!!! David99's comments were helpful, I might add. For those of you keeping score at home, I have added a beautiful new Rega Planet to my current set up (BK ST1400 amp and a conrad johnson PV10A preamp, with A... 
CD player finally died. Need rec.
Oh, David99!!! You are such a comedian!!! =] (Thanks anyway!!!) Brad 
Biwire or Jumpers: which is better?
I have a similiar situation: I was using the stock jumpers that came with my Alon Petites but switched to a double run of older AudioQuest Type 6 wire. The sound is much clearer, except that I can not get a focused sound stage. I have experimented...