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Beethoven Pathetique Audio Artistry
  francij8- Are you looking to buy a pair?  
Who is excited about Capital Audiofest 2023?
jaytor-   If you take a listen to the Arion Audio Apollo 12 speakers I would like your take on them since they are a similar design to your Line Forces. I was there yesterday and listened to them. The way they are set-up you will only be able to... 
Major innovative break through: The new NSMT Loudspeakers reference speaker
weebeesdad- I don't understand why you can't access the 2023 info. There is a pulldown under the Exhibitors and Brands heading for both 2023 and for 2022 shows. If you are using the Search feature below that may be that is the problem. I have to... 
Major innovative break through: The new NSMT Loudspeakers reference speaker
weebeesdad- Under Capital Audiofest 2023 "2023 Exhibiters and Brands" lists exhibiter names and rooms.  
Major innovative break through: The new NSMT Loudspeakers reference speaker
NSMT does not show up in the Capital Audiofest 2023 list of exhibiters. You sure they are attending?  
New Project RS2T transport
robshaw - I appreciate your input. FWIW here is the rest of the story. I was reluctant to identify the seller as I was afraid someone else may have purchased it while I was researching the unit. This a used one I have now pulled the trigger on fr... 
New Project RS2T transport
LP, Charles Thanks for replying. Both of you have good points to consider. The seller will accept the unit back for a refund if any issues are identified.  
New Project RS2T transport
I am seeking advice from RS2T owners on possibly purchasing a used unit due to the discussion in this thread about the manufacturer's mistake on the transport mechanism which has been resolved. That discussion leads me to believe the only way to b... 
New Project RS2T transport
I am planning on purchasing the RS2T CD Transport soon. Can any of you RS2T owners advise me the length of the standard power supply power cord? I have asked Audio Advisor but their representative did not know and had to contact Pro-Ject for the a... 
Spatial Audio Labs
audioman-Have you had an opportunity to listen to any other Arion Audio speaker system? If so can you comment on how they compare to the Atlas speakers? 
I have had the ADD Powr Wizard in my system for a couple of weeks and I'm impressed
bemused,Can you identify where you installed the Electraclears and Symphony Pros in your system to such good effect? 
Puritan vs Nordost Power Cable
taricharmaxwave I recently purchased the PSM156 with the Classic Plus power cord. Do you have any feedback on the ultimate power cord?  
About to invest in room treatments; GIK, RealTraps, DIY -- what is your experience?
jdalWhat specific Real Trap products did you use that performed well in your room?  
105db/W high efficiency speaker suitable for low power SET
 shkong78  Have you heard the GT Audio Works GTA 3.1R or the Pure Audio Project Quintet and if so, can you comment on either compared to the Arion Apollo speakers?   
How much acoustic room treatment
audiotroy-You have my attention with your comment about fiberglass based panels. What type/brand of panels do you recommend for bass traps, absorption panels, and diffusion?