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speakers with balls
You've got amps with balls so if it were me I'd look for a speaker with a toast one 12-15 inch woofer ,I've owned every last model of the Klipsch heritage line ,best bang for the buck is a pair of Klipsch Cornwall 2's in good shape ,if the horns a... 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
From the Frank Zappa masterpiece Packard Goose below .Information is not knowledge.Knowledge is not wisdom.Wisdom is not truth.Truth is not beauty.Beauty is not love.Love is not music.Music is THE BEST ,End Quote .That sums up my life long love of... 
How Much Have You Lost Thru' The Upgrade Process?
Not one red cent. 
Zappa plays Zappa
I saw the show this year & last year & had a hella good time,the music was great & sounded very much what FZ sounded like when he was being serious.Last year Napolean Murphy Brock, Steve Vai & Terry Bozzio were the guest performers... 
Why so expensive??
Why,because they can,its that simple,the ole " its all about the music" is the stupidest thing i read in the forums,for 99% of us its not all about the music,even though most will disagree. 
Dust...It's Killing Me
Having your air/heat ducts professionally cleaned will cut atleast 50% of the dust from your home,addiny a layer of cheese cloth to the back of each register helps a ton too.The attic is another dust trap,if you have insulation in your attic you c... 
Anyone here using vintage speakers?
mcintosh xrt 22's. 
Best Rock Drummers
That cute lil drummer,Terry Bozzio. 
Can I repair speaker foam?
i take it that you dont want to replace the damaged speaker or send it off for a refoam job,you can buy a product called (vulkem)that will repair the tear,vulkem is a polyurathene sealent that comes in a standard sized caulking tube & it can b... 
Mcintosh MC150 light bulb replacement
hi marems,i dont mean to sound like the cloud of doom about the green boards that the bulbs are attached to,they are super simple to remove & to reinstall,the wiring from the green boards to the amps harness simply unplug & the green board... 
Mcintosh MC150 light bulb replacement
not all mac amps use the same type of bulbs,some are like mini car blinker bulbs & just pop in,others are soldier type & some are connected to a very small peice of green board.the mc150 uses the type that is connected to green board,the g... 
Where to buy MDF board?
home depot,lowes or any other lumber yard carries mdf as a staple. 
does output quality change when amp bridged?
ive owned & ran the mc2102 in bridged mono & it sounded great,everything doubles in bridged mono,like wattage & distortion but doubling 0.005% distortion isnt going to give you any noticable difference in sound quality.IMO amps that gi... 
Phase Linear
very old amps & yes they were designed by bob carver,having owned carver & phase linear my thoughts were that both brands sounded terrible & could be bested very easily by rotel or adcom. 
passive equalizers
the dbx 20/20 was the best eq ive ever used,easy to use & it has lots of great features,as far as eq's go your not going to find a more (high end) eq without taking out a loan for an accuphase or a rives.