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Help figuring out the make/brand of my cartridge
You are correct!!! It appears to be the Talisman Boron that I have. Thanks so much for your time!!! Much appreciated.!!! 
Soundstage and explosive dynamics?
Spatial Audio’s new reference speaker would certainly be worth a look if you are interested in open baffles. I heard the prototype at RMAF this year and they are pretty special. Right around 10k I think...  
Budget Office System Integrated for $1000 or less
@mapman I have heard others say the same thing about Maggies and electronic music, and I must say I think with stereo subs (REL T7's) my little Maggies do and excellent job with electronic. Sure you don't get that gut level punch you get with a dy... 
Budget Office System Integrated for $1000 or less
@willemj Not necessarily a desktop system.  I may be able to shelf mount smaller speakers or may use floor standers.. I have some Audioengine A2+ for my desktop, but I plan on creating a "sound lab" of sorts with the new system, using music and am... 
Is anyone going to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest?
I'm going to attend for the first time. Missing Friday but you g Satyrday and Sunday.. Any advice on how to manage the sensory overload and huge assortment of rooms?? 
Bad experience with Red Dragon Audio
I preordered an s500 amp and had a very similar experience. It took multiple phone calls and emails many of which were simply ignored. I finally got the amp after 4 months. Once the amp was hooked up it had terrible rf interference and I finally j... 
Preamp w/ a budget of $2000
... sorry ... ehhrr...um... An NAD C165Bee 
Preamp w/ a budget of $2000
My current preamp is the NAD 165Bee 
Radio Signal interference
Thanks one and all. Very much appreciated. I will.look into ferrite chokes to start.  
I also have some MMGs and some 1.5qrs. I've always loved the fast response but always wanted mor bass with both pairs. I added dual subs and it was much better... But then I got some used class D amps which provide a kilowatt per channel.. no more... 
Ever sit down to listen and just say wow?
Recently wrestled with my Green Mountain Audio Continuum I's for a few days. I hadn't pulled them out of the closet for over a year. I couldn't get the center image to pop out of the sound stage. After significant frustration and speaker placement... 
A Big DIY Bang for Your Buck?
I have recently made some NOLA BRIO clones which sell for about $3500 for about 10% of that price and they sound amazing. I have also recently made some of my own speaker cables which sound great for pennies. Very rewarding to DIY in this hobby wh... 
Building an all analog system around Magnepan .7 for 4K and under
I second the mini maggie system, but with a dynamic sub.. As much power as you can throw at them is what I would recommend. I have both the older 1.5qr's and the mmgs. The bigger maggies have more bass but that didn't wake up until I gave it a kil... 
Honing down the speaker shortlist ~$5K
You should check out the Spatial Hologram M3's. Amazing detail, incredible midrange, tight punchy bass.. Decidedly open baffle airy feel with the ability bother the neighbors if need be. Great audition policy and around 2k.. Amazing speaker compar...